Sam Miller


Sam is a producer, mixer, engineer based in London.

Starting out in residential studios he became a runner for Van Morrison at his Studio the WoolHall in 1999, and spent 4 years at Great Linford Manor moving on to become in-house engineer. Relocating to London in 2003 he began working at Olympic studios where he learnt from many great producers and closely with Cenzo Townshend. During his time there, he had the opportunity to engineer for various projects including Razorlight, the Magic Numbers and Graham Coxon.

He left Olympic in 2006 to record and mix the number 1 album ‘the Trick to Life’ by the Hoosiers, then moved on to work on more alternative projects like The Irrepressibles, Melox Marvels and Lonesound. Now splits his time working in the pop world (1D, OllyMurs, AstridS) alongside band projects such as the Temperance Movement and VANT, and mixing other peoples records from his private mix studio in south London.

Sam has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. From touring as live sound director with the Irrepressibles to producing vocals for One Direction, to mixing music for film, and live, but all the while working with and developing new bands, where Sam’s passion really lies.

Previous Work

VANT –  ‘Dumb Blood’ LP – Parlophone –  (2107)

The Temperance Movement – debut LP

FREAK – Everyone’s The Same – Mix (2018)

Contact Information

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