Colin Richardson


Colin Richardson has been producing and mixing records for over 30 years.

Starting as an engineer at Cargo studios in Rochdale, Colin worked with early punk bands such as Discharge, GBH and Exploited.

Colin moved over to East Yorkshire in the mid 80,s, where he started engineering for some extreme metal bands, in the UK for Earache Records, where this led him to work with bands such as Carcass and Napalm Death.

Many record labels have used Colin time after time, one such partnership is US label Road Runner, this partnership led to Colin mixing Slipknots number 1 billboard album “All hope is gone”.

Since the early 1970’s when he found the tone control on his first record player, Colin’s passion for making great records, grew rapidly. This passion, combined with his vast experience has resulted in him being extremely proud of his most recent work Bullet for my valentine’s “Venom” and his mixing on “Brainwashed“ by While She Sleeps.

Colin is looking forward to the next chapter in his career, in which he has teamed up Raw Power Management, for the next step in his incredible career.

Previous Work


All Hope Is Gone


Bullet For My Valentine



As I Lay Dying



Machine Head

Burn My Eyes


Fear Factory