About Funhouse Producer Management

Raw Power Management is proud to introduce Funhouse Producers

Funhouse Producer Management is overseen by Craig Jennings, Don Jenkins and Matt Ash, based in the company’s London & Los Angeles offices. Day to day of Funhouse Producers is run by Dan Jenkins, based from the London office, with A&R activity being handled via various members of the senior management team including Andy Snape, and Stuart Gili-Ross. Funhouse represents producers, engineers & mixing specialists.

Craig Jennings CEO of Raw Power Management said, “We have always worked closely with the world’s best producers, so launching Funhouse Producer Management was a natural step for us. We feel that we are ideally placed to help navigate the careers of these hugely talented professionals and to help them achieve their goals.”

Matt Ash, Vice President of Raw Power Management USA said, “we are extremely privileged to be launching Funhouse Producer Management with 5 of the most acclaimed and respected guys in the business. They all have one thing in common, they are all exceptional at what they do.”